Teachers' Resource Centre (TRC) St. Kitts


It is time to put the FUN back into the FUNdamentals of learning by making use of the manipulatives at the Teacher Resource Centre. (T.R.C).

At the TRC, we provide a wide variety of rich resource materials applicable for the effective teaching of:

  1. any subject
  2. any topic
  3. to students  in any grades.

The various models, charts and educational videos are part of a menu of alternatives. These allow teachers to engage in using a range of strategies or delivery systems that help to make the teaching – learning experiences more

  • practical
  • motivational
  • enjoyable
  • reflective

Learning event, think Teacher Resource Centre (T.R.C).

Our aim is to foster and facilitate           

  • Research
  • Efficiency
  • Strategic planning 
  • Organizational Skills
  • U ‘up – to –dateness’
  • Resourceful
  • Creativity
  • Empowerment


The Teacher Resource Centre (T.R.C.) will provide support for improving teaching and learning in the form of resource materials, workshops and other relevant services to teachers in the school system.


  • supports teachers with materials other than is available in schools such as books, journals, catalogues, encyclopedia, models, kits, charts, children magazine as well as other multimedia resources.
  • has a loan system for teachers to borrow resources listed above.
  • Operates and conducts workshops as needed.
  • produces multi-media teaching aids.
  • offers assistance to parents in areas pertaining to their children’s learning.
  • serves as a meeting place for teachers and principals.
  • promotes curriculum implementation
  • encourages displays of exemplary work by teachers and students.
  • produces and distributes a regular newsletter.


The teacher Resource centre houses a diverse array of materials for use in the classroom.
Educators have access to curriculum materials, books, multimedia, educational catalogues, periodicals and newsletters.


  • Photocopying (inclusive of your class work sheets as well as material from T.R.C.)
  • Internet Research (queries should be submitted in advance of due date).
  • Loan System (books, models, tapes [audio / video], kits etc.).
  • Laminating
  • Staple and Ring Binding
  • Document and Chart Printing

NOTE: *A few of the services require a user fee in order to subsidize cost of consumables.


The T.R.C. has a wide collection of multimedia resources such as: books, charts, periodicals, kits, models, audio and visual cassettes and equipment. Most of the materials are on open shelves although for purposes of control, some resources are stored and available upon request.


How to Borrow Books and Other Materials
All teachers may borrow books and available materials from the T.R.C.
  • After you have registratered, you will be issued a brochure withthe T.R.C. regulations.
  • Items to be loaned must be properly processed before taken from the T.R.C.
  • At the end of the loan period the item/items must be returned in good condition as determined by the staff of the T.R.C. Failure to comply will result in a late penalty charges at the rate of 50c per day. Destroyed items must be replaced by the borrower at the market value of the material.

The Teachers' Resource Centre in Nevis performs similar functions and services.

Mondays   – Fridays 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m
Saturdays - 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m

St. Kitts Location on Google Map
Lockhart Street Basseterre
St. Kitts
869 467 1327
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