Project Management Unit

World Bank Project/OECS Education Development

The Project Management Unit (PMU) under the OECS Education Development Project was created as the implementing agency in response to a World Bank loan, signed September 26 2002 in the sum of US$5 Million Dollars with a life span of 5 years.

The main objectives of this project are:

  • To increase equitable access to Secondary Education with an emphasis in rural
  • To improve quality and efficiency of Secondary Education
  • To increase the capacity of schools to provide for the needs and interests of youths.
  • Upgrading the planning, management and information processing capabilities in the Education System.

In pursuit of these objective the OECS Education Project will seek to improve the efficiency of the education system through better allocation and utilization of resources both physical and human resource.

The objective of the project implemented through a number of components such as:

  1. Increasing Access and Equity
  • which entails the construction of a new secondary School in Saddlers (Poverty Assessment Report- St. Kitts & Nevis-KAIRI Consultants 2000- Show that the highest percentage of persons who have not attained any form of education certification consist largely of the saddlers community).
  • Construction and/or rehabilitation of existing spaces as Cafeterias in 6 schools to address the nutritional needs of students and provide basic equipment and furniture for efficient management and use. This will extend the coverage of the current Schools meals programme to include all secondary schools in St. Kitts.
  • Elaboration of programmes to support participation of disadvantaged students, including the training of remedial reading and math specialists. 

     2.  Providing Quality teaching and Learning

  • Entails the establishment of Learning Resource Centres in 7 schools (2 in Nevis), to provide resource support for teaching and learning, including  equipment and material.
  • Expansion and upgrading of selected learning spaces in 7 schools such as computer, science and IT labs.
  • The development of Curriculum for forms I-III and the provision of text books, instructional guides and other resource materials, training of educators in select areas, including fellowships and development of a coordinated Teacher Appraisal system.\
  • he organization of a school-based improvement projects and extra-curricular activities.

     3.   Improved governance and Management in the Education System

  • The Expansion of the Education Management Information System (EMIS), which includes the networking of schools and EMIS training.

School Improvement Projects (SIP’s) & Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)

This Component is aimed improving the quality of education offered to young people but especially to those students who are most likely to leave school prematurely. Under this component funds are made available to high school enabling them to develop projects which would impact positively on teaching and the learning process. These activities would be selected solely by the students and promises to encourage and motivate them to participate creatively in school life. (EC$12,150.00 is allotted under SIP’s and EC $8100.00 is allotted under Extra-Curricular Activities per year.

Extra-Curricular activities on the other hand are selected by students themselves and are intended to make the school a center for change and fund a development programme geared to addressing the needs of the youth sub-culture which are determined by them. The approved projects are then based on the quality of proposals and its capacity to motivate at-risk students to remain in school.

Examples of SIP

Under the School Improvement Project the Washington Archibald High School proposed a CAMP programme (Computer Aided Mathematics Program) which was intended to develop new positive attitudes among the high school level to enhance overall mathematics score through the use of computers.

Examples of ECA

Under the Extra Curricular activities the Washington High School proposed, the Music improvement Programme targeted to the student as a means of teaching them to play new instruments while instilling discipline, patience, and teamwork.

Mr. Calvin Martin Project Officer

Contact Information:

Project Management Unit
Lockhart Street
Phone: 869 466 3766
Fax: 869 466 3819
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