Newton Ground Primary First Solar Powered School in SKN

(EMU) – St. Kitts, January 29, 2018: A corporate partnership between the Fahies Agricultural Women’s Cooperative Society Limited (FAWCS) and the Newton Ground Primary school has resulted in the first green energy school in the Federation.  “We applaud this tangible and timely effort and welcome all positive contributions to the development of our educational institutions and students,” stated Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards at a ceremony revealing the newly installed 11.4 kilowatt solar panel system. “This is a shining example of a good community citizen and corporate entity,” proclaimed Minister Richards, describing the effort of the pioneering organization, the Fahies Agricultural Women’s Cooperative Society Limited (FAWCS).  Giving back to the community and the institution which supports its agro processing initiatives, FAWCS procured a grant from the Global Environment Facility Small Business Grant Programme.

This was used to secure materials, totalling ECD $54, 000.00, which resulted in forty (40) solar panels capable of generating 11.4 kilowatts of energy output.    The panels were installed by Green Solution International.

The FAWCS goal is to provide value-added nutritious foods by utilizing locally produced agricultural crops, while partnering with the community and enhancing the substantive livelihoods of its members. The group uses the school’s cafeteria for preparing and producing its snacks and the high cost and extensive use of electricity for their processing, ,  gave rise to the  installation of the solar panels.

The constant and reliable supply of electricity will prove to be beneficial to both parties.  

Giving brief remarks at the ceremony Minister Richards commended the FAWCS for continuing its partnership with the school over the years, “The Cooperative has long been affiliated with the school and seeks to ensure that it is one of the leading schools in the Federation.  This project puts the Newton Ground Primary school on the cutting edge of science and technology.”

He also mentioned that renewable energy and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels falls into the global environment facility’s mandate for protection of the environment. “This venture could redound to the benefit of the students, by prompting them to become more interested in things scientific and technological.”
“We Fahies women are justly proud; the students at this school can now experience and understand the reality of renewable energy, because it is in their school. 

They now have a development that will motivate them to work harder in science, do research and create renewable energy systems,” announced Lorozine Williams, affiliate of the FAWCS.   

Applauding the tangible and timely efforts of the FAWCS, Minister Richards stated, “We thank the members of the Fahies Agricultural Women’s Cooperative Society. We look forward to strengthening the relationship not only with the co-operative but with every member of the school and community that would ensure that these facilities are not vandalized but protected and used, for the purposes for which they were intended.”

The ceremony was held on Wednesday 19th January at the Newton Ground Primary School, Minister with responsibility for Agriculture Hon. Eugene Hamilton was present alongside Permanent and Assistant Secretaries in the Ministry of Agriculture.  Education Officers and well-wishers of the school were also in attendance.

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